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Brittany Miron

My name is Brittany Miron and I am a professional insurance agent specializing in Home and Auto insurance. I have been in the insurance industry since the age of 18 and have worked my way up to be an independent agent, and I love it! Being in the industry for over 7 years gives me the knowledge and resources to work wonders for my clients. Having tasks, checking in, and making my clients feel like family is what I am all about. Having 3 children I know what it is like to have a busy schedule so I always make time for my clients when they have a moment and always make sure they get the questions or concerns answered. I am not your typical punch out of work at 5 agent, I like to make sure my client is satisfied and getting the best coverage. I continue to strive for greater things and do not just stop at satisfied. I enjoy being outdoors with my children constantly, softball, spending time with my husband and family and trying to be the best I can be and giving back.